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Boston Logan Airport Service Information

To and From Logan Airport service is available 24 hrs a day. 

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To Logan:

Door to Door *Pick you up at your address and drop off at your Terminal

We primarily service the following Areas Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Sherborn, Wayland, Wellesley. 

*All other ctities and towns may require an out of service area fee for pick up. 

Call for fee pricing or submit a quote request online

You may Book a Logan Airport Ride Online

*For Rides less than 12 hours from pick up time give us a call to accomodate your needs.

From Logan:

It is important to know that at Logan Airport we are considered a Livery Service. 

Only taxis with a Boston Medallion are allowed to do curbside pickups. 

We must pick up all passengers in the Limo Parking Area of each Terminal. 

Follow the Limo Signs from each Baggage Claim Area in your respective Terminal.

*please give us a call if you are unsure of where to find your driver

Terminal A: Pickup is on the lower level outside baggage,

cross over 3 roadways to the last parking lot, look for a gray sign that reads “Limos”.

Terminal B: Pick up location is Lower level; outside of baggage,

go across the street into the garage where there is a booth for “Limo Area”

Terminal C: Pickup location is upstairs on the departure level, walk to the outermost island,

looking for signs that read “Limos”.

Terminal E: Exit terminal, go to the far left and cross two roadways into the Limo parking lot,

look for a gray booth with signs that read “Limos”.

Important Additional Info

Please Turn on your cell phone when you land and are given permission to do so. 

Contact between you and the Driver will initiate confirmation the taxi is at the airport and that you have arrived. 

After receiving a confirmation phone call or text message from the arriving customer that they are on the ground 

the taxi will then head to the terminal Limo Parking Area.

*Please note that it may take several minutes depending upon the volume of traffic at the airport to arrive at your 

specific terminal after our confirmation call or text.

Massport policy does not allow any livery service to wait at the terminal for more than 20 minutes. 

Drivers are not allowed inside terminals and must remain with their vehicles at all times. 

Any unattended livery vehicle will be fined and towed. 

This procedure was implemented for safety reasons to ease congestion at the terminals 

in case emergency vehicles need to gain access. 

This procedure is strictly enforced by the Massachusetts State Police and Massport officials.

Livery Vehicles are required to check in with airport officials after the plane has reached the gate. 

They are then given a 10 minute wait time at the limo area to make their pick up from that terminal. 

If the 10 minute window expires and the driver has not acquired their passenger(s), 

the vehicle will have to leave the terminal to repeat the process or the driver will be fined.

Please understand Massport Policy is absolute, the Driver can not leave the vehicle under any circumstances. 

The Driver’s only way to communicate with the customer is by cell phone or text messaging.

Terminal A

Click on the Terminal heading above, then click play. Please follow the directions for "active passenger pick up" and go a little bit further across the street.

Terminal B1 and Terminal B2

This terminal is divided into 2 halves, with a garage in between. All taxis and limos will pick up in the garage. From Baggage Claim, just walk straight out across the street into the garage and follow the signs for limos. If you still want to see the video , it is posted below. To select the proper video, you will need to determine whether you are in Terminal B1 or Terminal B2. Click on the heading above for the terminal you are in, then click play.

Terminal E

Exit the terminal near baggage claim via door # E104. Walk straight ahead along a cross walk across two streets until you cannot walk straight anymore. You'll see a gray building in front of you with a black sign that says Limos and has the purple limo icon like the one near the top of this page. Turn left. Our taxi will be waiting for you in the parking lot near the waiting shelter with the purple trim. This is slightly different than what you'll see in the video because the video shows you exiting through a different door, but if you follow these typed directions exactly as shown, you'll be fine. If you still want to see the video, click on the Terminal E heading and then click play.
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